Update for 2023

With the new year here I wanted to post an update as to what’s going on.

2022 was a rough year for me. I ended up becoming homeless. To keep it short, I had been delivering for DoorDash full time and things fell apart. I was unable to get work right away and so I went out on the road with my brother. His job was hauling travel trailers and then freight across the country.

I came off the road in October and was trying to find work again. In November, I was able to move to a new city and was able to get a job. I’ve worked for about a month now at Raising Cane’s.

While out on the road though the charging port in my laptop went out leaving me no way to charge it. This left me without a way to paint anything. I plan on getting it fixed but there has been other expenses to take care of first. I’m hoping in the next week or two to get that done.

Now that I’ve explained why there’s been a lack of content let’s talk about the future.

The plan is to still paint bases and release them on the site. With that said, there may not be as many as you’d see in the past. I want to focus on other projects as well. These would be things like fictional schemes with some being based off of schemes from the past. I don’t wanna limit myself to just painting bases. There are some talented people releasing bases. It makes sense to try and not compete with them and make bases that are already made.

As far as painting goes, hopefully I’ll have the computer fixed by the start of the season. I plan to wait on painting 2023 schemes until after the season starts.
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